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Maria Christou/ Winter Issue

Maria is a multidisciplinary artist from Cyprus based in North England, working across painting, drawing, printmaking, video, performances, sound, analogue photography, and experimental darkroom processes. Each medium shares the same theme, and explores the same ideas, yet differs in execution. There is a performative element to the production of her art that is consistent across media. Each process she employs is as much a performance as it is a practice undertaken in a studio or workshop. She is interested in the ritualistic process that the production of art elicits.

The work explores the process of creating art through an investigation into the unconscious mind to comprehend a narrative of trauma. It depicts a nightmarish fantastical world of distorted figures, reveling in madness and paranoia. It combines expression and figurative abstraction, blending with a surreal element. Figurative monsters with human characteristics existing in the metaphysical, delusion, and suffering.


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