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Marie-Gabrielle Argent/Winter Issue

Gabrielle is a fused glass artist based in East Sussex, England. She is a member of the Contemporary Glass Society and has exhibited online and at The Stained Glass Museum in Cambridgeshire. Her journey with glass started in 2016 with adult education classes and she now runs her own courses and sells from her website. This year (2022), she plans to exhibit A Glass Container Garden at The Chelsea Flower Show to celebrate The International Year of Glass.

“The alchemy of fusing glass to over 800C with color enhancing elements and reactions is both exciting and unpredictable. I use traditional stained glass paints, glass enamels, photographic and screen-printed images combined with specialist frit powders and granules to achieve the color palette. Then add precious metals and guides molten glass in the kiln. Moulds made from a variety of natural materials are used to create shapes, add movement, texture and form.”


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