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Maryam Dehbozorgi/ 'COLOURS'

Maryam Dehbozorgi was born in April 1986 in Shiraz, Iran. In 2011 she received her bachelor`s degree from the Soore University of Tehran in the field of Graphic and in 2019 she continued her study in the field of Painting at the postgraduate level at the university of Soore , Tehran.

She started her professional career in the field of art in 2014 by accidentally participating in a group art class which was arranged by an artist and art-director, Mohsen Zare, in Shiraz. She is really into photos and films so that is really influenced by them in her art. This interest originated in her childhood as she was enthusiast in flipping through albums and watching home movies, first as a means of entertainment and then as a tool for curiosity about her identity. Her earlier works were collages of family members and sometimes internet and magazine photographs that initially dealt with scattered topics such as immigration, technology growth and identity and then with the focusing on “ self “ subject, shifted into the challenges she faced in everyday life. With the help of photos as reliable documents, she could connect with her past and move through lost time. photographs were torn, burn and mixed with all kinds of materials and sometimes they were photographed and used in video art or painted. Most of her subjects had been images of herself and the city where she inhabited.

Today She makes her works with the inspiration from her life and the concept of “ self “ and her challenges to express them more broadly and in relation to society. To achieve this goal she uses the familiar objects in everyday life in combination with photos and employ them to create her art. Her works are shown in various group exhibitions in the field of graphic design and visual art, in Iran and abroad and also she held her first solo exhibition in 2020 in Hamras Gallery in Tehran with the collection of photographed collages entitled “ fly between walls “ .

The photos in this collection are the result of living among a multitude of beautiful and identical women, the result of a search among Becoming others or staying in a space that tries to create another image of "me" as a woman. In this series, familiar and unfamiliar dichotomies are placed next to each other, so that familiar and common objects in life in combination with each other, create a character that is fictitious and unfamiliar. Parts of my face are reflected in the mirror to complete the character and make another self; A self that sometimes resembles an accepted and constructed character in the community around me. The final character, suspended and far away from the real self, my body and even the lovable character of my community; An empty character of body, feeling and thought. This artificial form is neither of my sex nor does it live apart from me; Because there is always an instinct to be more beautiful and more acceptable in human nature, so that what comes to mind when hearing the phrase "beautiful woman" is the image of a woman with a glamorous appearance; One who has been able to assume the role of an ideal being by wearing the innumerable demands of his community.


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