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Michele Keffen/ 'Circle'

South African-born, Michele travelled extensively through Africa and Europe eventually moving to the UK to settle in 1999. Her adventures and escapades in Africa have enriched her artistic eye with spice and deep humility for her human counterparts. Having experienced some dangerous events as well as deeply moving and heartwarming moments Michele was deeply affected and carries the desire to make change for good wherever she can. Having firmly established herself in the world of fashion in the UK, she pushed her interests in Art to the sidelines for a while. Paint stains and the roughness on her fingers after working with clay to create her sculptures meant that she had to make a choice between art and couture. In 2009 Michele was taken severely ill and so it was decided that her boutique in Christchurch, Society Brides, would close and she would work from her home studio. After a gradual return to health, she began a dancewear label that included outfits for World Class Latin and Ballroom specialists as well as top-ranked Ballet dancers. Recently Michele has returned to Art with a revived passion. She is an accomplished painter and sculptor. Having spent many years engaged in representational art and fashion illustration, Michele has now begun painting more freely and from the heart. Drawing inspiration from time living and working in Paris, Italy and England as well as her home continent of Africa enabled her to utilise her considerable knowledge of Art History in combination with her understanding of colour theory and deep love of colour in many and various abstract forms, often dealing with issues that are of deep concern to her.

Many of Michele’s pieces are interlaced with concepts formed from the patchwork of her colourful and varied life experiences in multiple, diverse locations around the globe such as time spent working in refugee camps and dressing Queens in their Royal bedchambers. Her Abstract art is of superior quality and splashes vibrant colours and textures across the canvas. Her Abstract Expressionism Conversation entitled Morphism and Modification of the Female Form is an interesting study of modern women's constant search for perfection, inspired by her experience in the fashion and photography industry. Exploring Forms is a Conversation in which Michele has begun an in-depth exploration of plastic consciousness and the paintings constitute the preparatory work for a sculpture. The use of colours and shapes catches the eye of the viewer and brightens the room

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