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Mohammad Reza Masoumi/ B&W Photography

Hailing from Tehran, the capital of Iran, Mohammad Reza Masoumi resides in a region that has been marked by significant conflicts in the Middle East. Living in perpetual anticipation of potential wars that may or may not materialize, this constant state of uncertainty casts a psychological burden, affecting both the economy and the mental well-being of the people. The prevailing atmosphere of apprehension and anxiety permeates daily life.

Moreover, navigating the artistic landscape in Iran poses its own set of challenges, with government censorship and surveillance imposing restrictions on creative expression. These constraints add an additional layer of difficulty and unease to his artistic endeavors.

However, amidst these trying circumstances, there emerges a peculiar and intriguing aspect—an opportunity to develop a unique artistic language: the language of metaphor. The prevailing circumstances compel him to delve deeper into his craft, unearthing hidden meanings and layers beneath the surface. This newfound ability enables him to employ satire with a sharper edge and engage in a more profound critique of the prevailing status quo.

Though the circumstances surrounding him are not easy, they serve as a catalyst for personal and artistic growth. The adversities he faces in his environment foster a deeper understanding of the world and encourage him to question and challenge the established norms. Through his art, he endeavors to express his discontent, offering insightful criticisms and shedding light on the intricacies of his society.


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