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Morgan Sinton-Hewitt/ Sea In Me

My work is an (intra)action which, through the microcosm-macrocosm of my own (life)universe, enlivens possible futures from and within my (mind)body. In my experience all phenomena have co-creative force and agency. I weave and transform with both the human and non-human, embracing the mix of stone and air and trees that form intricate aspects of self, identity, memory, movement and place. I work through the simultaneous realities of past, present and future to create multi-faceted hope. Human revolution is the term for this in my Buddhist practice ( It is a self determined and interconnected spiritual effort. Through the seen and unseen realities of (my) life, I enliven possible futures, first within my own heart. The act of painting for me is an alchemy of seeing and embodying new possibilities for life, creating seen (without) from unseen (within), hope, for myself and others.


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