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Natalie Arsenow/ Special Edition

''I create intricate drawings of women, and women only! They are depicted on papers in various sizes and with different techniques however, I am most known for my modern, geometrical hatching, which manages to give for instance Old Masters a very contemporary feel. Generally I work with graphite, chalk and colour pencils as well as Indian ink and charcoal. I draw women to direct the focus once more on the question of gender equality, same rights for everyone in this world and the MeToo movement.

The idea to get started in this direction certainly was triggered after reading “Men Explain Things to Me” by the wonderful Rebecca Solnit but is still a burning hot topic, which the latest novel by Glennon Doyle “Untamed” sadly proves. So I want to put forward fierce, strong, independent women that could be role models for the next generation of girls growing up right now who are just about to begin to realise that this is their story too. ''


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