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Nazanin Moradi/ Spring Issue

Nazanin Moradi is a British-Iranian artist based in London with a Master's degree in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art (UAL), she has established a successful career in the arts, exhibiting her work in numerous countries, including the UK, Europe, America, and the Middle East. Her artistic practice is rooted in experimentation and ritual, incorporating various mediums such as textile design, interpretive dance, digital editing, collage, painting, and installation. Nazanin’s multidisciplinary practice draws inspiration from Mesopotamian mythology, specifically the dragon goddess Tiamat to challenge traditional gender roles and power structures by exploring the intersection of technology and humanity. Through her creative process, she rebels against societal conventions, using her own body as a canvas to express the intrinsic metamorphic potential of the human form. The ritualistic destruction and reconstruction of her body is the starting point of her creative process and forms the basis of her research. This is captured on camera of her iphone using panorama lenze and later used as inspiration for her collage, painting, and installation pieces.


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