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Nelya Akimova/ Spring Issue

Nelya Akimova (NELYA-NAKI) is an artist who creates striking oil-on-canvas images and also works with digital photographic art.

The main direction of the artist's research is the desire to comprehend the illusory nature of our reality and invite the viewer to take a different way of perceiving our world - "Welcome to the Game on Earth!"

So, in her art, an artist Nelya Akimova (NELYA-NAKI) rethinks the reality of the existing world and creates various possible versions of human destinies and AVATARS.

Her images are reminiscent vastness and purity of snowy expanses that exist in contrast to the commanding presence of modern concrete architecture. By applying oil to the surface of her canvases, Akimova is able to create a rugged quality within her compositions that is reminiscent of concrete.

Akimova works using an intuitive process, applying paint to the canvas without a preconceived idea of how the composition will evolve; figures emerge out of the white expanses of paint, forming elegant simplicity through implementing a minimalist palette and strong contrast between light and dark.

NELYA-NAKI also creates digital photographic art. Sometimes she feels like she's predicting the future. Getting on the working field of the program, the photos are bent, twisted, and stretched, as if life itself passes through them and breathes in the idea. And now, she can already see how the image begins to emerge. He looks fun, sad, or smiles mysteriously, depending on the sensations that she catches in space. The creation of digital images helps her to rethink and convey the search and acceptance of her subpersonalities. Who am I? Who are we?

Before she decided to focus on creating art full-time, Akimova enjoyed a successful career working in the pharmaceutical industry. She felt called, however, to live a life beyond the stability and predictability that she had become accustomed to. Moving to Prague in 2018 was the beginning of a new chapter in her life when she began working on her new collection of paintings. It was the border between the past and the future.

Even though her creative journey lasted only less than 5 years, her works have already been presented at exhibitions in many countries around the world - the USA, Italy, France, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Greece. Also in October 2023, her work was exhibited in London at the Focus Art Fair at the legendary Saatchi Gallery. An important event for her was a solo exhibition in 2024 in one of the central galleries in Prague. It gave her new insights. And now she is preparing to participate in the exhibition "Personal Structure", which is part of the Venice Biennale 2024.


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