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Philip Westcott/ Autumn Issue

''I have painted cityscapes for over 40 years with Manchester and Salford being my main inspiration. I started by painting individuals, in oils, before progressing to a wider view of shopping centres. In these compositions I captured indiscriminate figures by painting them loosely so that they appear to merge into the scene. I often highlighted them with fleeting glimpses of colour, to give the impression of a fast-paced lifestyle, concentrating on the busy centres depicting the hustle and bustle of modern life. Recently I have returned to painting individuals and focusing on their interactions, originally in a digital format drawn on a tablet with a stylus and lately painted in Acrylic and highlighted with Pen and Ink. During the present pandemic I have done a series of paintings showing life under the new circumstances. My other interest is the Northwest Landscape. Here my paintings focus on the hidden view rather than large panoramas. These are painted initially in watercolour and then translated in larger oil paintings. Freedom and spontaneity are important to me and the use of a palette knife in these works allows me to capture both.


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