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Riley Sims/ Book Edition

Born and raised in Fishers, Indiana, USA, Riley Sims is and emerging artist celebrated for her vibrant and emotive creations that transcend the boundaries of conventional expression. A connection between art and personal healing.

Her distinctive artistic approach is a dynamic interplay of controlled geometric form and organic bursts of color, symbolizing the complexities of life, particularly her intimate exploration of Lyme Disease. Drawing inspiration from abstract expressionist Helen Frankenthaler, Sims employs the soak staining technique, pouring diluted acrylic paint onto raw canvas, allowing it to soak and stain - a visual representation of life's unpredictability.

Sims's work extends beyond self-expression; it is a call to action. Through her paintings, she advocates for Lyme Disease awareness, shedding light on the financial struggles and limited resourses faced by patients. Featured in publications such as the Hamilton Country Reporter and Lyme, Sims's art becomes a powerful and advocating for early detection.

As Riley Sims continues to evolve her visual language, she remains dedicated to exploring the intricate layers of meaning with Lyme Disease and contributing meaningfully to the world of contemporary art. Her canvases not only serve as a celebration of resilience but as a collective exploration of the human condition - a testament to the transformative power of art and its ability to inspire change.


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