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Rosemary Burn/ Portraits

Rosemary Burn is a British figurative painter based in the UK. Her works have been exhibited in Italy, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom and are held in several notable collections. She approaches her artistic process with a sense of quietude, concerning herself with the objective examination of the present, telling stories of day to day life. In the bathwater and raindrop pieces, as well as others, there is a merging between the representational, abstraction and freedom of expression. Her compositions are created using oil paints on synthetic board and canvas. A loaded stillness is present in many of the paintings, and the use of fluid brushstrokes and lighting enhance the sculptural, three dimensional aspect of her subjects. She has a longstanding interest in the paranormal and the possibility of other realms; other subjects of interest which are sometimes evident within the paintings are transitory states of existence (melting, freezing, evaporation), and time. Rosemary studied sculpture at Chelsea School of Art, London, gaining an MA in fine art. She also studied the piano at Trinity College of Music, London, achieving a performer’s diploma in the piano.

Rosemary’s works have been included in prestigious exhibitions such as the Royal Institute of Oil Painters exhibition, 2018, 2019, 2020, Royal Society of Marine Artists 2022, Figurative Art Now, Mall Galleries London, and Wells Art Contemporary 2022. She has also shown at several international art fairs in Florence, New York and Paris.


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