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Rubica von Streng/ Spring Issue

Journeys to and through Italy have not only inspired fictional protagonists such as the Swiss couple Lowitzer from the short film ”An End to Jealousy” (written and directed by Frank Lassak and Rubica von Streng; D/I 2020) or their cinematic role models from Andrei Tarkovsky‘s classic “Nostalgia” (USSR/I; 1983). Many artists of the past centuries spent months, often years, in southern places of longing such as Tuscany, Umbria or Capri – where they created magnificent

works of art that are still famous today.

For Rubica von Streng, the project „An End to Jealousy“, which she co-created in 2019/2020, was a multi-disciplinary experience. The results of her monthslong stay at various places in the

region are expressed, among other things, in numerous paintings that convey the atmosphere

of spring in Italy. Therein, she incorporated narrative fragments and pictorial elements known

from her acclaimed “PortLand” cycle. „The unique landscape in Umbria and its moods are expressed by applying special color aesthetics,“ explains the artist. Nevertheless, these are no ordinary landscape paintings, she emphasizes: “The land and its inhabitants merge in the pictures – quite similar to the original ,PortLand‘ cycle.“

At various locations in Umbria – in old castles, in medieval towns, on an abandoned farmstead,

in a Renaissance palace and in the ruins of an Etruscan settlement – von Streng has produced

a total of eight paintings (oil and acrylic on canvas) as well as 15 watercolors for „PortLand in

Umbria“. From June 21 – July 28, 2024, selecte works of the series will be shown in her solo show „PortLand – Anatomy of the Future”, at Kunsthalle Brennabor, Germany.


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