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Ruby Red/ Special Edition & Online Exhibition

Welcome to a captivating exploration of artistic expression where vibrant hues intertwine with profound symbolism. In this edition of our art magazine and online exhibition, we embark on a journey through the ages, unraveling the diverse and intricate meanings of the ruby red across different cultures and historical epochs.

The ruby, a gem of multifaceted significance, has been a symbol resonating with Love and Passion, offering Protection, embodying Vitality and Courage, and representing Prosperity and Wealth. It stands as a testament to Devotion and Commitment, radiates the elemental qualities of Fire and Power, and carries the regal associations of Royalty and Nobility. At the same time, it serves as a conduit for Spiritual Enlightenment, symbolizes the essence of Blood and Life, and encompasses the facets of Healing and Well- Being.

Within the pages of this magazine and on the walls of 3D space walls, witness the convergence of artistic interpretations inspired by the rich symbolism of the ruby. Each stroke, color, and form contributes to a collective exploration, transcending time and culture.

Join us in this celebration of creativity, where artists breathe life into the profound meanings encapsulated within the radiant essence of the ruby.

Exhibited and published artists:


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