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Rytis Gervickas/ B&W Photography

Rytis Gervickas has been immersed in the art of photography for over 15 years, dedicated to capturing moments through analog tools. Choosing to work exclusively with analog equipment, he finds solace in the tactile nature of the process. Developing his own film and meticulously crafting gelatin silver prints in his modest darkroom, he revels in the hands-on experience of bringing his images to life.

In his photographic journey, he draws inspiration from renowned Lithuanian photographers such as Vytautas Balcytis, Remigijus Treigys, and Alfonsas Budvytis. These artists are known for their ability to capture the "aesthetics of boredom," finding beauty and intrigue in the overlooked and mundane. Inspired by their approach, he seeks to train his lens on subjects that often go unnoticed by the average observer. By framing and isolating these fragments of the world, he aims to transform them through the alchemy of film, paper, and chemicals.

Although he has participated in several group exhibitions and a handful of intimate solo shows, he acknowledges the challenges of finding an audience for his work. Being different and deviating from mainstream photography often makes it difficult to connect with a wider audience. Yet, he persists, knowing that his unique perspective and commitment to his craft are essential elements of his artistic journey.


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