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Sam Heydt/ Special Edition

Sam Heydt is an American social practice and recycled media artist born/raised in New York City.

A published author, producer and lifelong activist, Heydt has undertaken a range of altruistic, non-profit work. Her art, anchored in social advocacy, attempts to give a voice to the veiled, forgotten, exiled, and silenced.

“Working across different media- film, video, installation, photography, sculpture, sound and text, I present an abstract proposition for a world on the periphery of history, one that not only appears haunted by the ghosts of the past, but built on it. My layered imagery conflate time and place, colliding and merging generations of possibilities, and disrupting logical relationships between occurrences. Combining images of destruction with portrayals of the virtues born from the American Dream, I confront the disillusionment of our time with the ecological and existential nightmare it is responsible for.”

In her practice, she works across a spectrum of different media- film, video, installation, photography, sculpture, sound, merchandize, text — and employs a range of materials often reinventing or trespassing their associative use.

Heydts’ vision looks beyond the ordinary. Esteemed as one of the pioneers of the recycled media movement, Heydt’s work has been shown in galleries, museums, art fairs and film festivals worldwide.


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