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Sam Sherborne/ Winter Issue

Sam Sherborne is artist blacksmith based in Sheffield, UK.

''I make my sculptures to process memories and concerns and clarify my ideas as well as to generate 'flow', the joy of making. My themes can be categorised into either family [memories, emotions and dynamics] or everyday, including the scourge of modern technology, death, work, impoverished modern-day ritual, and worry. I have developed a personal iconography inspired by Buddhist and Hindu bronzes; the same figures reappear in many of my sculptures. Having an element of humour is important to me, even though some of the subject matter is quite serious. By bringing together opposites such as humour and despair I strive to create a tense, mysterious atmospheric alloy. I aim for the sculpture not to be too clunky with fixed prescribed meanings. The meaning is mostly quite specific for me but not meant to be too concrete for the viewer; they can make their own stories up,'' Sam.


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