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Something Like Art Maybe/ Summer Issue

Zoe’s practice directly disrupts the reality a photograph of postcard presents and creates a new image, not by the use of pen or paintbrush, but by piercing through the material with needle and thread. The photographs and postcards most employed by the artist are vintage finds, repurposing the memories already created to produce something new.

The works utilise the traditional practice of hand embroidery, whilst subverting the archaic stereotypes this brings through using untraditional methodology. Altering the materiality of the items creates interesting challenges and a unique experience, both for the artist and for the viewer. Through this, the artist hopes for viewers to recognise the practice as a powerful, dynamic, contemporary art medium as opposed to an amateur feminine, hobby. Since graduating from university in 2019, Zoe has continued building confidence in her art practice, which is reflected in the work. She continues to grow her online profile and began selling her pieces worldwide online in 2020, including custom pieces. During the national lockdowns, Zoe used the time to take part in online exhibitions and feature in zines. More recently, her work was featured in the Worcester Open 2021 exhibition, and a group exhibition at Fronteer Gallery in 2022.


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