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Sue Sheard/ Landscapes

Sue Sheard is a self-taught Landscape Artist from Pickhill, North Yorkshire, who began doing Art later in life, whilst she was still teaching English in the French Pyrenees in 2015.

On her return to the UK in 2019, she started experimenting with charcoal. After a couple of years learning from her mistakes, she went onto do her first works :"Twigs" (March 2022) and "Reflection" (May 2022) . Her "Sunset" and "Sunrise in Pickhill"were her first Watercolour Paintings (August 2022). Her first success was "Cautley Spout" - watercolour, (December 2022) when it was exhibited at Nunnington Hall for a month. The same Artwork also went onto win an Open Call in Halifax (April/May 2023). Her "Flying Scotsman" - Watercolour, won a Global Competition with Artrepreneur (November 2022). This Artwork also went onto win a further Open Call in June 2023. Further successes and recognition during 2023 are : "Ladybird" (charcoal), "The Lighthouse"(Watercolour), "Winter Bare" (Charcoal), "Cautley Spout (from a Climber's perspective)" (Watercolour) "Mountains in Spring" (Watercolour)


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