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Sylvia Royal/ 'Landscapes'

Sylvia Royal considers herself to be more of an ‘expressionist artist’ which means she's not so interested in the object but more about the emotion of the subject. As a professional artist she works in a wide range of artist materials to describe and create a piece of work. A painting is a perfect example of how this is a distinguished description of the type of paint used as well as the support it was painted on, with collage it’s all about different materials onto a surface. Finally, a composition is an object, or a collection of abstract images assembled using various materials.

A lot of her inspiration comes from the places She's seen, the different buildings within landscapes that surrounds them, the structure and design of a particular building. An old building which has been left to crumble, a rustic door hanging on its hinges, the shapes, texture, and colour of certain objects. When observing buildings or open landscapes, it evokes a feeling of beauty, relaxation, or happiness; similarly, visual images trigger sadness or darkness which can be described in my composition. Whatever the subject or method, Sylvia must feel the emotion otherwise it’s not going to happen.


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