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Tamar Chatterjee/ Sea In Me

What fascinates me about the the seemingly indescribable nature of the word, home, is that upon deeper reflection, its meaning slowly comes to light from an emotional centre rather than an intellectual one. It remains ambiguous in its definition, yet wholly unambiguous in its essence. While we require our intellectual faculties to navigate our way through this increasingly unpredictable and fast paced world, I believe our entire focus has shifted towards the attainment of temporal society-driven ideals which are as fickle as they are temporary. This self reliance has grown into an unbalanced dependence, and is causing us to lose touch with an integral part of what makes us human - an all encompassing sea within us, where the emotional and intellectual co-exist in perfect harmony. Where there is acceptance. Where there is rest. Where the currents of peace and joy mingle in a dance of the divine. Our one true vast and infinite centre. Our very own sea within. Home.


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