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Thomas Martin Conway/ Autumn Issue

Thomas, a London-based Abstract Artist, has a diverse background as a former contemporary dancer in London and Berlin, currently working in a trauma-informed educational setting. He began with a Foundation in Art in 1994 and earned a 1st class degree in Performing Arts. In Berlin, starting in 2003, he collaborated with influential experimental dance and theatre companies like Damaged Goods and Forced Entertainment, performing throughout Europe. In 2010, illness led him to step back from performing, rekindling his passion for painting. His 2023 London solo exhibition served as a catalyst for a deeper exploration of his art practice.

'My art is profoundly influenced by the human body, particularly body memory, and its enduring imprints. This personal connection stems from my own experiences, where physical limitations intersect with my creativity. I often delve into themes of loss and memory, using empty spaces to evoke contemplative silence. Black marks symbolize resilience, binding disparate elements together. My diverse use of tools creates textured compositions, incorporating scribbles and fragments of words that mirror the complexity of human emotions and consciousness. My art is an abstract exploration of memory, loss, and resilience, inviting viewers to reflect on their own emotional journeys.'


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