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Tiziana Rasile/ Summer Issue

Tiziana Rasile was born in Rome where she lives and works. She completedthe course of studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in Painting. She obtained a Diploma in "Technical Builder in Merchandising Museum" and for a year she dedicated herself to the study of Restoration of AncientPaintings. She immediately developed a propensity for abstract art and engraving, always maintaining a strong relationship with the classicaltechnique of nuance and oil veiling. Over the course of her career she hasparticipated in numerous events and won several international awards. Herresearch explores light, through over-positions suffused with chromatictextures and is focused on the possibility of creating a dialogue betweenscientific and philosophical realities, spiritual and artistic insights. Herjourney begins with the "FADES" Collection, where the form isdematerialized in color, to other collections such as "LACONIC TIME" and "VIBRATIONS": the light that vibrates in the space of the picture and modulates time. From 2018 to 2019 she adhered to the constitution of the "New Roman Spatialism", presented at the Merulana Museum in Rome. In March 2021 she received the "Opera Prize" for career achievements duringthe last five years by the U. I. L. (National Union of Artists-Writers). The artist writes film reviews for the “Teatro contemporaneo e Cinema”Magazine , a column “Art Dimensions" for the Foressego Art International Organization,, She is represented by Laura I. Contemporary Art Gallery in London.


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