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Tyler Worthington/ Queer Art

Tyler Worthington is a multimedia artist currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. He graduated cum laude from Austin Peay State University in 2018 and received a BFA in Studio Art. He prefers to work in many different mediums, including but not limited to video, sound, collage, printmaking, performance, and sculpture. After being told to “be himself” one too many times as a child, he pursued his passion to become an artist.

''To be blunt, the canon of art I was aware of was primarily focused on making the human race “look good”, and I wanted to do the exact opposite. Humans are silly creatures. We are the source of every great miracle and every tragedy to happen on earth, and I believe our mistakes are our most valuable teachers. If the idea of art to most people was simply appealing and unoffensive aesthetics, then I will become its anti-thesis.''


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