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Ur Kasin/ Spring Issue

Ur Kasin is a visual artist based in Bucharest, Romania. Conceptual at heart, his search intertwines complex emotions with common subjects in a conversation between disciplines, from digital collages to oil paintings and sculptures.

This diversity allows Kasin to precisely express any thought, either by limiting it to one piece, in one medium, or expanding it to a whole project that touches every aspect of his work and even more. So, regardless of duration or complexity, the creation process begins with a ‘thought or a feeling’. What follows is a type of system that builds on top of itself, layer by layer, reminding of structures used by artists like Annegret Soltau, Georges Braque, and Otto Dix.

Youthful in execution, yet thoughtful in concept, he chooses to portray intimate moments, then bury them deep beneath a surface of banal, which acts as a wall, or a mirror, in order to keep the viewer away from the truth.

Dirt, space, cells, fur, food: preposterous themes, that get even stranger when combined, get deified by Kasin, for their ‘truthfulness, and unmatched ability to hide any given emotion or secret’. Yet, that moment still resonates throughout the composition, regardless of the distance between itself and the surface. Rendered using deliberate brushstrokes mixed with loose palette knife movements, this dynamic diversity shapes the foundation upon which his unique visual language is born.


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