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Wictor Doarte/ Book Edition

Wictor Doarte is from São Paulo, and from an early age he began to express himself through drawing and painting. Over time, the search for art became essential. Today, he is a Visual Artist who, in addition to being a trained photographer, is a self-taught illustrator and designer.

In 2020, he was Editor and Director of the documentary “Renda Guaianás”, from the Jardins Comestíveis project, where he was able to work alongside the French-Tunisian artist Jean Paul Ganem. The documentary was shown in 2023 at Museu Catavento, in São Paulo Capital, through the Cinema no Parque event.

He even exhibited at the Objectos do Olhar art gallery, located in Augusta - São Paulo, for the collective exhibition “Olhar da Rua”, where he was able to display his photography works. In 2023, his works were highlighted in international art magazines, including the European magazines Suboart Magazine, in the July edition, Revista Azar and The Mobile Library, in the September edition, and the Brazilian magazine Zupi.


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