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Yazdan Shiri/ B&W Photography

Hailing from Iran, Yazdan Shiri finds himself facing significant economic crises and challenges that make it difficult to invest in new cameras and lenses. These circumstances impose additional limitations on his photography journey, creating obstacles that must be overcome.

His journey as a photographer began in 2015, and from the very beginning, he found himself captivated by the beauty of nature. Drawing inspiration from the natural world and its myriad aspects, he channels his creativity into capturing the essence of the outdoors through his lens. Nature becomes his muse, guiding his artistic vision and shaping his photographic style.

In addition to his exploration of nature photography, he has also ventured into the realm of advertising photography. This diverse field encompasses various genres, including fashion, food, and industrial photography, allowing him to expand his skills and adapt to different visual contexts. Collaborating with content creators, he has honed his ability to capture striking images that effectively convey messages and evoke emotions.

Beyond still photography, he has also delved into the realm of filmmaking, working as a cameraman on several short films. This additional pursuit allows him to further express his creativity and storytelling abilities through moving images, expanding his artistic horizons.

Throughout his artistic journey, music has served as a powerful motivator and source of inspiration. It fuels his creative spirit, guiding his artistic choices and infusing his work with emotion and depth.

As he continues to navigate the challenges of the economic landscape, he remains dedicated to developing his photography career, blending his love for nature, diverse genres of photography, and the evocative power of music to create meaningful and captivating visual narratives.


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