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Zoe Sijia/ Sculpture & 3D Art

Sijia Guo, also known as Zoe, is a trilingual visual artist based in London. With a background in sociology and illustration, and having been raised in China and Japan, her multi-layered artworks encompass a diverse range of influences. Using mediums such as drawing, ceramics, and installation, Sijia's creations traverse both physical and emotional realms.

At the core of her artistry is the exploration of personal narratives and cultural symbols. Through the use of vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and evocative imagery, she aims to prompt viewer introspection about belonging and identity. Notably, her project "Savage One, The One Who Runs Barefoot" draws inspiration from old photographs of her estranged father. These images, capturing moments such as a younger version of herself with her parents and her mother's resilience post-mastectomy, stir hazy memories of her Chinese past.

These transformative moments deeply influence Sijia's perception of life's intricacies, propelling her artistic pursuits. In "Savage One," a weathered ladder becomes a symbol of surmounting adversity, with figures representing the strength derived from self-growth and acceptance. By interweaving personal histories into her pieces, she articulates the profound emotions stemming from these tales, providing insight into her own journey. Her mixed-media approach, incorporating plaster, wool, and wood, results in artwork measuring 176 x 60 cm—a visual narrative of outsiders navigating life's challenges.

Sijia's ultimate aspiration is to foster empathy and interconnectedness. By blending personal stories with cultural motifs, she strives to create a contemplative space for viewers, encouraging introspection and a communal sense of belonging. As a trilingual artist, her oeuvre seamlessly merges diverse experiences, mediums, and symbols, advocating for empathy and mutual understanding.


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