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Daniel Gantelev/ B&W Photography

Daniel Gentelev, a talented artist, obtained his B.F.A from Bezalel Academy for Fine Art and Design in Jerusalem in 2012. Renowned for his expertise in working with rangefinder and Hasselblad medium format cameras, Daniel's artistic vision revolves around capturing the essence of human life's rhythm and cultural transmission. His creations draw inspiration from mythological references, intertwining symbolic, psychological, and artistic elements from humanity's heritage within a contemporary context.

Daniel's fascination lies in exploring life's aesthetic manifestation through the dimensions of time and space. Within his art, he delves into the literary realm and seamlessly blends documentary and portraiture photography, creating a powerful interplay between the two. In his quest for artistic expression, Daniel incorporates the profound enrichment of oriental perspectives on transcendence and the concept of māyā, highlighting the mirror-like relationship between time, space, and personality. By skillfully weaving together Eastern and Western ideologies, Daniel's images resonate with immediacy, offering a glimpse into a global era of human existence.


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