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Sara Twomey/ Spring Issue

Sara is from East London, she paints from her spare room studio in South London! In the USA where she completed Trompe-l’oeil Murals which taught her the optical possibilities of painting. Sara worked at Science Ltd as the Studio assistant Manager to the artist Damien Hirst. She currently works as a Pop Up Painter in London!

''My Black Paintings are all about the light, black is a spacious colour, almost like a void. The paintings are never static as they are interacting with patterns and symbols on the surface of the painting. As the series develops the shapes are too, I started with two dimensions, now I am painting three dimensions and now using Gold leaf. I feel there are more dimensions to explore. The light causes structure to appear and disappear. The viewer has the desire to fix the now into an organized pattern, but the light shifts constantly expressing the inevitability of change.''


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